About Our Company

Our business was started out of dissatisfaction with other company’s obstacles to obtain small quantities of CD's and DVD's. During my career as a musician, our band had produced several CD's and a couple of DVD productions. But with the larger companies there was always a limit on the number of CD's and DVD's you could buy. As I remember the minimum number was 1000 and some were 500, but sometimes all we needed was 100 CD's or maybe only 50 for a gig. Thus Disc2burn was created, we have been in business for over ten years and are here to serve your needs. We will provide you with the best media printing and duplication in any amount you need.  Disc2Burn uses the highest quality printers available for printing to Disc. No one has better disc printing than Disc2Burn. For duplication, we use the World’s only “Dye-Sublimation” thermal disc printer, Teac Thermal Printers. If you do not see what you like on the site, please contact us.